Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ahhh run bitch run there's wild chickens chasing after yer ass!!!Hahaha This one is a bit crazy and I love it! This is a class project for my illustration class at CSULB. She has noodle legs she's running soo damn fast. This crazy gal is 11" x 14" in size and done in watercolor and ink. 

Made these two 5" x 7" pieces for a little art show my buddy Jon-O is having at his house next week. The top one is an abstract piece I did with watercolor and acrylic currently untitled. I really enjoy doing these abstractions because they allow me to clear my head a bit in a strange way.

The Bottom guy is titled, "Good Mornin." this one is acrylic and watercolor on an mdf wood panel. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Kiev gig poster

Just finished this poster for some good friends of mine who play amazing music, Kiev! Line work is hand drawn and digitally colored. You need to check these guys out if your into great music by very TALENTED musicians.