Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Here we have a field study drawing of a real life "Crawling Peter Fish"
The drawing was executed using pen on tea stained bristol paper.
Approx. 14" x  5" not drawn to actual size.

This here is a class assignment where I was to illustrate the emotion of an earthquake. We were not to take it so literally and come up with more of an abstract concept. 
I titled this one, "Mother nature ain't a lady, she's a bitch."
She's a bitch because we as human beings have been wrecking havoc all over her sacred grounds for years and she's had enough. If she had a physical appearance I'd imagine she would look like Medusa. Here she is pissed off and furious. She's peeling up the ground and eating it. Revenge is her's and you better run before she catches up to you!!!  


  1. I'm digging the mild use of color in these

  2. Yeah i tend to go a little overboard on the color sometimes. Thanks for the feedback!!!!